BOSS (Business of Student Success)

BOSS Program 


Through BOSS™ (Business Of Student Success), We’re Equipping Boys, Especially Boys Of Color, With The Tools To Succeed In School, In The Community And Professionally, With An Emphasis On STEAM, Critical Thinking/Writing And Related Fields. We Also Leverage The Power Of Sport To Inspire Boys To Pursue Greatness


Resources are what dictate how successful kids are likely to be in the future. Unfortunately, inner city boys and boys of color (Target Boys), lack the basic resources needed to reach the same success as more “advantaged” households.


That’s why the BOSS™ program was created: to provide the exposure, opportunities, and resources so our Target Boys come from “advantaged households” and have an equal opportunity to achieve personal and professional success.


Matery of the six (6) BOSS Pillare is critical and essential for the commited-to-excellence "process" we call BOSS; to develop the unwavering discipline, focus and passion needed to build sustained momentum; to evolve, grow and develop - change - to move from poor to fair; from fair to good; and from good to great.


Mentally BOSS - Bookworm / Open-Mided / STEAM smart / School

Emotionally BOSS - Balance / Objectivity / Sensitivity / Security

Socially BOSS - Behavior / Outgoing / Skills / Style

Phisically BOSS - Brawn / Outperform / Stamina / Strengh

Economically BOSS - Budget / Ownership / Savvy / Savings

Spiritually BOSS - Belief / Observance / Sincerity / Submission