2017 Season

CMFL cheer is continuing to grow and evolve.

We strive to develop fundamental skills through active participation of our cheerleaders, and to promote good sportsmanship from our cheerleaders, coaches and parents.  Our focus is on Fun, Skills Development and Safety.  Our mission is simple, improving youth sports will better prepare our student for success at the high school level, as well as life skills beyond high school.


Any child ages 6-14 are welcome to join the Competition Squad, but must also ACTIVELY  participate in Sideline Cheer.

Thank You for your understanding and please feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns. We believe we have asked ourselves all the questions that we as parents wanted answered. Once again thank you for your cooperation.  


*We may combine squads/grades for Sideline and/or Competition depending on the needs of the team**

Welcome Cleveland Muny Football League coaches!


Human Kinetics Coach Education is pleased to offer its Coaching Youth Cheerleading online course to Cleveland Muny Football League cheer coaches.

To purchase your online course, click on the course text link in the table at the bottom of the page.

During the purchasing process, you'll be asked to create an account on the website and have an ID number generated for you.

After you complete your course, your name will appear in the National Coaches Registry, an online database of coaches who have completed our courses.

You will also have the ability to print a certificate of course completion from the website to document your achievement.


Full Course Description

This course is for coaches of athletes age 14 and under participating in a recreational, noncompetitive setting. Learn fundamental coaching concepts and responsibilities, and come away with the most important coaching points of the major skills of youth cheerleading.

In this interactive online course, you’ll learn to prepare for your season and provide the best possible experience for your athletes. The course is supplemented by excerpts from the Coaching Youth Cheerleading book, which are delivered as a series of PDF downloads within the online course. As you progress through the online course, you’ll be prompted to read excerpts to complete course activities.

The course includes many interactive exercises that apply and enrich concepts from the book excerpts. It also includes a handy Coaches’ Clipboard utility with forms, documents, and detailed plans for successful practice sessions and game-day coaching. The course concludes with an online 30-question test.

Upon completing this course, you should be able to

  • better understand your role as a coach (unit 1),
  • communicate effectively with squad members and others in the cheerleading community (unit 2),
  • understand the importance of rules and equipment (unit 3),
  • provide a safe environment for your cheerleaders (unit 4),
  • teach and shape cheerleading skills (unit 5),
  • teach and shape cheer, sideline, and dance skills (unit 6),
  • teach and shape partner stunt and pyramid skills (unit 7),
  • teach and shape jump and stunt skills (unit 8),
  • prepare season and practice plans (unit 9), and
  • make the most of game and competition day (unit 10).